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At the Pigs & Swigs Festival, we adults love watching pitmasters in action, taste testing chilled craft beer, and sorting through mounds of treasures at the craft fair. 


But, the kids…err, not so much. 

It’s only natural for you and your kids to enjoy different things. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to miss out on festival events. And they don’t have to suffer while you enjoy yourself. And by “suffer,” I mean the kind of suffering they endure when we parents make them try on new jeans at the store. 

Nope, no suffering children at the Pigs & Swigs Festival 2019! We’ve got plenty of things for each member of your family to do. Here’s the lowdown on the events just for the kids. 

A Big Splash on Four Legs

According to weather trends, it’s likely going to be sizzling on both Friday and Saturday. So, the kids are going to need a little reprieve from the heat. Really, so will you!

This year, the Pigs & Swigs Festival is excited to bring back DockDogs on our line-up. 

pigs and swigs lincoln

Watching these dogs jump from the dock into a large pool of water will be the perfect way for your family to cool off. You might have already guessed, but these canine athletes make a big splash when they hit the water. Plus, they’re going to be right by the food vendors.

Want more information about DockDogs? Read Here’s the Scoop on the DockDogs.

DockDogs has proven to be a huge success and is loved by people all over the country. Bring the kids and come check out the events. You can find the schedule of event HERE.

Bounce All the Way to Fun

If you’ve not been to All About Fun Inflatables located at 129 S. Sangamon Street in Lincoln, IL then now is your chance to get a taste of the excitement they offer. Not only are they sponsoring the event, but they’re hauling the equipment out and setting it up in Scully Park.

We’re not sure if it’s the slides, the basketball hoops, or just the bouncing itself that revs kids up. No matter, kids of ages tend to enjoy jumping in the huge inflatable bouncy houses. 

Be prepared for some sweaty kids, because wristbands are available for the entire day on Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm or by the half hour. 

Meet Larry the Kangaroo

If bouncing isn’t your kid’s thing then maybe meeting a friendly Kangaroo named Larry is. 

Sponsored by Brady Realtor, Richardt’s Petting Zoo will be in Scully Park from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for the kids to enjoy, as well. 

Admission to the petting zoo is free. Like most zookeepers, Richardt’s simply requires the kids to be kind to the animals. 

Petting zoos can be a great hands-on learning experience for youngsters, so plan for some excitement!

Toocan (the Band not Sam)

Strangely enough, there will be a Toocan at this year’s Pigs & Swigs Festival. Keep in mind that’s it’s not toucan as in Toucan Sam. 

Instead, the Central Illinois band Toocan is an energy-filled, fun and festival friendly foursome with a tropical flare.

pigs and swigs lincoln

They’ll start playing at 4:00 pm on Saturday and will entertain us until about 7:00 pm. 

If your kids are like most then they’ll love to dance to the smooth, groovy sounds of Toocan!

Food, Food, and More Food

“I don’t want Culler’s fries!” said no child ever. 

While the pitmasters are hard at work cooking for the BBQ competition, several vendors are coming to take care of your appetite. 

Culler’s, of course, being one of those vendors. Other vendors include Wood Fire Pizza, Lincolnland Catering, Pauly’s BBQ, Nuthatch Hill BBQ Co., and Country Fryer. 

Click HERE to check out their menus. 

When it comes to bringing the kids to the 2019 Pigs & Swigs Festival, Saturday is your best bet. With so much to do for both kids and adults, come ready to have a good time!

Questions about the upcoming 2019 competition? Contact Us